Information for Clients

StudentsAt CMOH we are a teaching practice and are committed to supporting placements for clinical learners. We feel it is important to welcome students into our practice in order to contribute to the ongoing growth of our profession and develop working relationships with other health care providers. We are affiliated with both the Ontario Midwifery Education Program and the McMaster University Department of Family Medicine.

Midwifery Students

CMOH is a full-scope midwifery practice that offers clinical placements for students in the Midwifery Education Program at all levels. Our clients and their families have an important role to play in supporting the teaching of new midwives. We encourage all our clients to consider welcoming a midwifery student to be a part of their care. It is incredibly rewarding to watch a student develop their skills as a midwife and to know that you been an important part of that experience.

For more information about having a student involved in your care, please see our handout on Students at CMOH under our Resource section.

Other Clinical Learners

In addition to providing clinical placements for midwifery students, we also work with obstetric residents, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, physician assistants, and various co-op programs to support observational and clinical opportunities within the midwifery scope of practice. We encourage all our clients to consider welcoming students from other health care professions as part of their midwifery care experience.