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Erin DeVeber

Erin DeVeber

Professional Background

I hold a BHSc in Midwifery (Ryerson University, 2022) and a BA in Psychology (University of New Brunswick, 2018). Prior to pursuing midwifery as a career, I studied Mechanical and Materials Engineering at Western University and worked as a coach for recreational marathon runners. I have recently relocated to Hamilton from Northern Ontario, and I am deeply humbled and excited to be working alongside the team at Community Midwives of Hamilton.

Commitment to Midwifery Practice

My work as a registered midwife is driven by an understanding that pregnancy and birth are intimate events that hold the potential for powerful personal growth, which often requires openness and vulnerability. I believe this is best achieved when clients’ self-sovereignty is supported by continuity of care and empowerment through education. My goal is to provide care that is not only evidence-based but also deeply rooted in respect for traditional knowledge and the life experiences and values of birthing people and their families. In addition to my work as a registered midwife, I am part of the Association of Ontario Midwives (AOM) Postpartum Hemorrhage Work Group. I am passionate about community-building and providing inclusive care to all pregnant people and their families.

Off Call Time

Between births and time with clients, I can be found exploring Hamilton’s trails with my three children, writing children’s science fiction stories, learning about the historical roots of midwifery and medicine, and caring for my out-of-control plant collection.