Our Midwives

Chelsea Futers RM

Chelsea Futers

Professional Background

Chelsea began working as a registered midwife in Hamilton following the completion of her Bachelor of Health Sciences in Midwifery in 2017 (McMaster University). She has thoroughly enjoyed working with the folks in the Hamilton community and has been a part of the Community Midwives of Hamilton team since summer of 2022.

Commitment to Midwifery Practice

As someone who strives to reflect critically on the harmful systems of power that contribute to so much pain in this world, Chelsea is committed to a midwifery practice that challenges the legacy of patriarchy and racism in modern obstetrics.  

Chelsea enjoys supporting clients through all types of labour and birth experiences and she is particularly passionate about the midwifery role in supporting physiological birth and home birth.

In addition to her regular midwifery work, Chelsea has been volunteering with the Hamilton Midwifery Outreach Team since 2018, providing on-call prenatal and postnatal care to people who are houseless or precariously housed in Hamilton. Chelsea also works with the Crown Point Midwives providing expanded scope midwifery care in the east end of Hamilton including contraceptive care, early pregnancy loss support, and medical abortion.

Off Call Time

When she’s not working, you might find Chelsea out on the Bruce Trail walking with her dogs, swaying in a hammock at the park getting lost in a good book, or just at home enjoying the slowness of knitting a warm pair of mittens.