Pre-Natal Care

Prenatal CareYour first appointment with your midwifery team is typically scheduled for 8-12 weeks of pregnancy. This first appointment is one hour in length and is an opportunity to review your health history and current pregnancy. Subsequent appointments are 30 minutes (but they can be longer as needed) and are typically scheduled as follows:

  • once a month until 28 weeks
  • every two weeks until 36 weeks
  • weekly until delivery

Midwife appointments are an important part of your prenatal care and offer the opportunity to monitor your, and your baby’s, health throughout the pregnancy, and prepare for birth and early parenting. The frequency of these appointments enables you to build a relationship with your midwifery team and discuss any questions you many have. You can expect the following at your prenatal appointments:

  • general check-in
  • blood pressure check
  • abdominal measurement and palpation to monitor growth and fetal positioning
  • listening to the fetal heart rate
  • review of relevant informed choice discussions and health teaching topics
  • opportunity to ask questions and discuss important aspects of your care/experience

Midwives have the ability to order a variety of common medical and laboratory tests specific to pregnancy and initiate referrals as needed, including:

Prenatal Care

  • obstetric ultrasound
  • blood and urine tests
  • prenatal screening tests (including genetic screening)
  • PAP screening in accordance with the Ontario Cervical Screening program
  • sexually transmitted infection (STI) screening
  • vaginal cultures or swabs
  • physician consultation as required
  • community support services
  • mental health services

At CMOH we offer onsite laboratory services (excluding ultrasound) for most screens/tests.

We encourage you to bring partners, children, or other friends and family members to your appointments as often as you like. We recognize that this is your pregnancy and you should be able to choose who you want to share the experience with!

Prenatal CareIn addition to appointments at our main clinic location, we are partnered with a number of community health centres and community-based services, and are able to offer scheduled visits at multiple locations in within the City of Hamilton. When you call to request a midwife, our staff will help you to figure out what location works best for you.

At CMOH we are a teaching practice and are affiliated with both the Ontario Midwifery Education Program and the McMaster University Department of Family Medicine. Our clients and their families have an important role in supporting the teaching of new midwives. We encourage all our clients to consider welcoming a midwifery student to be a part of their care. It is incredibly rewarding to watch a student develop their skills as a midwife and know that you have been a part of that experience. For more information about having a studen involved in your care, please see our handout on Students at CMOH under our Resource section.