Post-partum Care

Postpartum and newborn careMidwives provide comprehensive postpartum and newborn care for both you and your baby for six weeks following your birth. You will have about 6-8 midwifery appointments during this time - including several in the first week. Your midwife will typically see you at home for the first week and in clinic starting at two weeks. You can expect the following at your postpartum and newborn appointments:

  • general check-in
  • physical examination of your baby including weight, heart, lungs, and umbilical stump
  • individualized breastfeeding support
  • review of relevant informed choice discussions and health teaching topics to support your recovery and health of your baby
  • opportunity to ask questions and discuss important aspects of your care/experience

Postpartum and newborn careMidwives are also able to perform a variety of routine newborn screening tests in the community - often from the comfort of your own home - including newborn metabolic screening, congenital heart defect screening, and jaundice screening. We are currently unable to offer newborn hearing screening in the community, but are able to refer clients as needed to a local Ontario Infant Hearing Program office to have this completed if it wasn’t done in hospital.

After six weeks, you and your baby will be discharged from midwifery care and will go on to see your family doctor or paediatrician for ongoing well baby care.