Who will be at my birth?

In our community, there are midwives at all midwife-attended births. One midwife is there with you for the duration of your labour and our aim is that this midwife will be from your team - although this is not always possible due to various factors. When your midwife assesses that the birth is getting close, a second midwife will be called to attend. It is likely that this individual will be one of our on call team members available at the time. If your midwife has a student they will also plan to be at your birth. If you are planning a home birth, you are welcome to invite as many people as you can fit into your house! If you are planning a hospital birth, typically only two support people (in addition to your midwives) are allowed in the delivery room. Be sure to check with your midwives about current hospital policies around number of support people you can have with you as they have been known to change depending on current security or infection control concerns.