What is the midwifery student’s role in my care?

At CMOH we are a teaching practice and are committed to supporting placements for clinical learners. We recognize that our clients and their families have an important role in supporting the teaching of new midwives and we encourage you to consider welcoming a midwifery student to be a part of your care. Midwifery students complete two major placements with midwifery practices: Normal Childbearing (16 weeks) and Senior Year (total of 36 weeks). Students typically follow one midwife, or team of midwives, and are involved in all aspects of clinical care. As students progress through the program, they can be expected to perform most clinical tasks independently under the supervision of a Registered Midwife. This includes scheduled clinic appointments, community or hospital assessments, labour and birth support, postpartum and newborn care, and returning phone calls/pages. Most clients find that having a student involved in their care enhances their experience, and they come to see the student as an integral part of their team. For more information about having a student involved in your care, please see our handout on Students at CMOH under our Resource section.